New Logo, Banners, Quote Box, Blog

It was time for Creative Expressions to get a new logo, banners, quote box and blog.  We were long over due to go to the next level with our look. 

We hired Erin from E is for Explore, and she was great.  Collaborating with her was wonderful.  She was prompt and worked out of the box by creating a whimsical skull for our logo.  The animated quote box is so much fun.  You can see the quote box here on the blog or visit our store at teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Creative-Expressions 

Needless to say, our new look has motivated me to create new and exciting resources and to blog an article at least once a week.  My sister, Diana and I decided that we would focus on articles to help teachers use our resources.  For example, I will write an article about teaching the Spanish alphabet by using our alphabet resources.  The article will provide a step by step explanation of activities.  It will be fun and informative. 

 Hasta luego